Highlights of the Di Martino story


In that year, Giuseppe Di Martino and Elena Veronelli met. Two sunny, active people, full of enthusiasm. He, a lover of music and art and she, mainly interested in literature and environmental and social issues.
Giuseppe, known as Pippo, had the desire to stop working as a salesman, in which he excelled as a born salesman, to found his own small company and, with the constant and active help of Elena, he succeeded.


Prodotti Chimici Rex started out producing car wash shampoos, tyre polishes, abrasive paste for polishing modern furniture, various glues, etc.


On 4 November, the disastrous flooding of the Brenta River took place. The Prodotti Chimici Rex laboratory, which faced the river in the Angarano area, was submerged and the small one-man company lost its entire warehouse. With low-interest financing, which was granted to flood victims, on Elena's suggestion, a warehouse in Via Gaidon in Bassano del Grappa with a surface area of 600 square metres was purchased, into which the company later became Di Martino S.n.c.


The first vaporiser in Europe

While visiting a customer, Giuseppe Di Martino noticed a vaporizer, which at the time was only produced in America. With a flash of genius, Di Martino realised the importance of the article he had in his hands and its potential. The company patented the first vaporizer in Europe (designed by architect Ezio Veronelli) and began producing vaporizers. It is an absolute novelty and the definitive turning point that will lead to the birth of a solid company.


Elena Veronelli's Everplast was founded, blowing all the bottles for vaporisers and then gradually for increasingly important hand, pressure and knapsack sprayers. The company was complementary to the Di Martino snc and soon a limited company was born from the union of the two. At Di Martino everything was still assembled manually but the first computer for accounting entered the company, which was always attentive to new developments.


New building in Mussolente

The new 4000 square metre building in Mussolente is inaugurated where offices, warehouse and blow moulding production of bottles, containers, jerry cans and watering cans still reside. The 15-year-old Di Martino twins inaugurate the building that will see the first automations to assemble the vaporizers and small pressure heads.


Di Martino S.p.a. is established.

and the building in Mussolente increases to a 6000 square metres facility


The 12,000 square metre site in Borso del Grappa was purchased, which became a production area and warehouse.


Elena Veronelli bought Giuseppe Di Martino's shares and became the sole owner but, thinking of the future, she made her daughter Ada Di Martino a third shareholder. She had been with the company for years and took an active part in the management of the business, combining her father's characteristics of friendliness and extrovertness with her mother's rationality and intuition.

Pippo had separated from Elena in 1990, but the mutual esteem and affection always survived and allowed them to continue serenely running the company despite being 50-50. So honest and respectful had their relationship remained that when he, the elder of 13 years, became seriously ill, he was taken home and the twins lovingly cared for him.


Today Di Martino is a large, structured and organised industrial company, its products are sold in over 100 countries worldwide. The company specialises in the production of pumps and vaporisers, tools and accessories for agriculture and gardening, home, cleaning and sanitation for the professional and the hobbyist. 18,000 square metres of covered surface area distributed over two sites, Mussolente and Borso del Grappa, many plastic injection and blow moulding machining centres, many automations for assemblies, warehouses for receiving goods and shipments.

Our greatest expectation? PEACE. We take care of the rest.