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All our products have been exclusively made in ITALY within our production plants in Borso del Grappa and Mussolente

If you have ever wondered why Norwegian online casino players without an account and registration use garden pumps and sprayers, you are not alone. In fact, this is because most people who like to play casinos live in private houses near which there are gardens and vegetable gardens that need to be watered and looked after. Below are some of the most common garden pumps and sprayers that online casino players use.

100% Made in Italy

Di Martino started off as a producer of spraying systems for the house and garden: from common vaporizers to kanpsack sprayers, from the small sprayers to the knapsack dusters.
With its Toolbox trademark Di Martino offers particularly robust toolboxes, compibox and drawer units with a captivating design.
Our Pottery Collection flowerpots, keeping only the best features of Italian terracotta.
Paddles, snow shovels, garden brooms and many other articles are sold by Di Martino throughout the world.

Identification code

All our finished products have an identification code that allows their traceability during the production stages.